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Multipure AquaRO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

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Product Description

The Multipure AquaRO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System combines the abilities of the Multipure Aquaversa series with reverse-osmosis filtering technology.  This system installs below the sink and uses a special airgap faucet that mounts through your sink ledge or counter, and connects to your sink drain.  This system is ideal for people who have hard water with bad mineral taste, people on low-sodium diets, people with Chromium 6 in their water, fluoride in their water, Arsenic V in their water, or nitrates.  Because the Aquaversa is one of the stages of filtration, you get all of the benefits of reverse osmosis, plus Multipure's outstanding carbon block filtration. 

The Multipure AquaRO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System includes a bracket which holds one sediment filter (included), two carbon pre-filters (included), and a reverse-osmosis membrane (included).  Also included is a 2.5 gallon holding tank, Aquaversa post filter with included cartridge, a chrome finish faucet, Adapta Valve for connecting to your cold water supply, and all tubing needed for below sink installation.

Hey, here's something to consider...

If you become a Multipure Independent Distributor and refer customers who buy this system from Multipure (friends, family, neighbors?), you'll earn about $164 per referral.  4 referrals, and your system is paid for, plus you'll have some extra cash in your pocket!  No inventory requirements and no sales skills needed.  Just share the info about the system you're already buying, or just give someone a glass of water and let them decide!  Call me at 888-390-4676 for details.


This is the system I use for my family.  I highly recommend this system for everyone.  If you have any questions, please call me at 888-390-4676.

Greg Jones, Owner

Common misconceptions about Reverse Osmosis:

"It wastes water"-  Actually, this system has a tube that connects to your drain.  When it flushes the RO membrane and the "waste water" goes down your drain, it goes right back to the water treatment plant that it came from in the first place, so it does not get "wasted" like that water that runs off lawns and goes down the street.  Also, 5 gallons of "waste water" will only cost you about 2 or 3 cents per day from the water company that recollects it.

"There are no minerals in Reverse Osmosis Water" - Actually, the minerals in water come from water running over rocks.  Those minerals are "inorganic," and are not readily assimilated by our bodies.  When plants take up mineralized water from the soil, they turn those minerals into "organic" minerals that our bodies can assimilate when we eat the plants.  Our dietary minerals come from plants or nutritional supplements designed to be bio-available.

"It's expensive" - Actually, making your own reverse osmosis water costs far less than buying any kind of bottled water, and it is cleaner.  Bottled water has fewer regulations than tap water.


•  Pre-Filters: 6 months

•  Carbon Post-Filter - 750 gallons: 1 year

•  Reverse Osmosis  Membrane: 2 - 3 years


NSF Performance Data

Multipure Drinking Water Systems are tested according to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 (Aesthetic Effects) and Standard 53
(Health Effects). Multipure’s AquaRO system is tested according to NSF/ANSI Standard 58 (Reverse Osmosis). Multipure
drinking water systems are designed to be used where the water is microbiologically safe and has been adequately
disinfected. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts.

Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects

Multipure’s Drinking Water Systems, the Aquaversa, Aquaperform and Aquadome have been tested
according to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the reduction of the following substances. The concentration of the
indicated substances in water entering the system was reduced to a concentration less than or equal to
the permissible limit for water leaving the system.

Taste and Odor Reduction
Chlorine Reduction
Nominal Particulate Reduction, Class I
Chloramine Reduction

Drinking Water Treatment Units - Health Effects

Asbestos Reduction
Chlordane Reduction
Cyst Reduction
Lead Reduction
Mercury Reduction
MTBE Reduction
PCB Reduction
Toxaphene Reduction
Turbidity Reduction
VOC Reduction **


Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment Systems


Arsenic (Pentavalent)<=300 ppb Reduction*
Barium Reduction
Cadmium Reduction
Copper Reduction
Cyst Reduction
Chromium (Hexavalent) Reduction (Chromium 6)
Chromium (Trivalent) Reduction
Fluoride Reduction
Lead Reduction
Nitrate/Nitrite Reduction
Perchlorate Reduction
Radium 226/228 Reduction
Selenium Reduction
TDS Reduction

A Booster Pump can be added for systems with low pressure water sources. Because of its size, the AquaRO requires a large area below the sink for installation.  About 1/2 the space under your sink is needed, and a 1 inch hole in the sink or counter for the faucet.

• Filter Capacity:
o 3 pre-filters: 6 months
o RO membrane: 2 – 3 years
o Aquaversa post filter: 750 gallons (1 year)
• Chrome Faucet included


5 Stages of Filtration

Stage 1: The Sediment Pre-Filter screens out particles down to 5 microns, improving the appearance of your water. Recommended filter change (Model No. CBC110): approximately every 6 months.
Stage 2 & Stage 3: Carbon Block Pre-Filters -- next, water passes through two 5 micron Carbon Block Pre-Filters that ensure that chlorine and other materials that cause your water to taste and smell bad are reduced. Recommended filter change (Model No. CBC112): approximately every 6 months.
Stage 4: The RO Membrane is a high-production, 50 gpd, thin film composite semipermeable membrane that separates unwanted inorganic impurities, such as nitrates, fluoride, etc. from your water. This hyperfiltration membrane reduces salts, certain heavy metals, and other impurities, giving you great tasting water. Recommended membrane change (Model No. CB-ROM): approximately every 2 years.
Stage 5: The Carbon Block Post-Filter, the final stage of the water treatment process, provides the most efficient contaminant removal possible. Multi-Pure’s densely compacted carbon block filter mechanically intercepts particles as small as 0.5 micron (sub micron) as well as electrokinectically adsorbs particles by attracting the negative ions of certain contaminants. In addition, the carbon block filter has a large surface area for chemical/physical adsorption to take place, reducing many different organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and certain heavy metals. Recommended filter change (Model No. CB6): approximately once a year.

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